• Recycling Center Gate


    We have had some non-residents using our Recycling Center and also people dropping things off that they shouldn't, and therefore we have to police who comes and goes from there.  Residents are welcome to use it, as long as they abide by the rules.  If the gate is locked and you need to dump something, please call Denny at 920-253-7206 during working hours (6am-2pm) to set up a time to come in.

    Please note, the dumpster is for overflow of your own garbage, and not to be used by contractors, or for large amounts of garbage.  Also, we are no longer able to accept couches, chairs or other large furniture. Please call GFL to schedule a special (big item) pickup:  800-248-2373

    We are no longer able to burn ANY items on the burn pile (brush, furniture, boxes, lumber, etc)-NOTHING.
    The compost pile cannot have ANY black walnuts in it. 

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