Frequently Asked Questions


  • Who can I talk to about putting in a driveway on my property?

    You can see our Driveway/Culvert Permit by clicking HERE, or call Denny Stair, our Town Operations Manager at: 920-253-7206
  • Where can I call to get a building, electrical or plumbing permit?

    You can call the Building Inspectors at Wisconsin Inspection Agency, LLC by calling 262-490-0513 (Tom Marks) or 262-490-0277 (John Moosrener)
  • Where can I get a sewer permit?

    The Sanitary District Deputy Clerk is Dawn Lynn.  You can email her at: or call 262-593-8383.
  • Where can I get information about putting up a fence or shed on my property?

    For Zoning or Building permit questions, you can call the Building Inspector's office at:  262-490-0513 or 262-490-0277

Dog Licenses

  • Who can I contact about getting my dog(s) licensed?

    You can contact the Treasurer, Stacy Riedl at   Or call her at: 920-342-8706 Click HERE for 2024 Dog License Information.

Property Information

  • Who can I talk to about my property assessment?

    You can call Associated Appraisal at (800) 721-4157.  Our assessors name is Allen Sunstrom.
  • Where can I get information about a house I am considering purchasing?

    You can contact the Land Information Office Dept. at: (920) 674-7254.  Or the Zoning Office at: (920) 674-7130

General FAQs

  • What hours are the Town Hall open?

    The clerk does not have set hours. The best thing to do if you have a question is to email the clerk, Dawn Bauer at  Or if your question is not urgent you can call and leave a message at:  262-593-8383
  • Are the monthly Town Board Meetings open to the public?

    Yes! We encourage citizens to attend our monthly meetings to hear what is happening in our Town, and as always, citizens are allowed to address the Board during the meeting.  If you are requesting that the Board take action on something, you need to contact the Clerk at least a week prior to get put on the agenda.
    Our Town meetings are usually held on the first Tuesday of the month, unless there is an election, holiday, or other conflict.  Then you can watch the Facebook page for changes.
  • Where can I get a special assessment letter?

    You can email the Treasurer, Stacy Riedl at for Town Assessment Letter
    For an assessment letter regarding the sanitary district, email Clerk Dawn Bauer at
  • Who can I contact if I have questions about my tax bill?

    You can email the Treasurer, Stacy Riedl at or call her at:  920-342-8706
  • Where do I call with questions about my garbage pick up service?

    You can call GFL directly at (800) 248-2373
    Or click HERE for their pickup calendar.
  • How can I get a new Recycling Bin or garbage can?

    You can call the Town Hall Clerk and leave your information (address/phone) and we can get one for you.
    262-593-8383 or email at:
  • Can I rent out the Town Hall for a family function?

    If you are a resident of the Town of Sullivan, you may rent out the Town Hall gymnasium.  You need to visit the "Forms and Permits" page to see rules, regulations, and prices to rent.  You may also contact the Clerk at
  • How can I get into the Town's Recycling Center to drop off garbage, metal, or electronics?

    The Recycling Center is usually open during the day (6am-3pm) Monday-Friday, IF an employee is present.  If the gate is locked, you can call Denny at 920-253-7206 during business hours to make sure it's open before you come.
  • How can I get a Liquor License?

    As of now, the Town of Sullivan's population governs how many liquor licenses we can issue.  At this time we have 5 liquor licenses issued to Town businesses.  If a business is interested in getting one in the future, they may qualify for a "Reserve" license at a fee of $10,000 minimum.  You can go to the WI Department of Revenue's website to search for more information on this type of license. Click HERE to see the WI Dept of Revenue rules on Reserve Licenses.