Ordinances & Resolutions

  • Resolution to participate in DNR Municipal Dam Grant Download
  • Resolution to adopt Town Tax Levy
    At a meeting on 12/4/23 the Town Electors hereby adopt the Town Tax Levy for 2023 to be collected in 2024 in the amount of $638,386.29

    Click HERE for the full resolution
  • Resolution 23-01 Updating Sewer Service Charges Download
  • Chicken and other Fowl Download
  • Junk Objects Ordinance Download
  • Building Permits Fees Ordinance Download
  • Cemetery Ordinance Download
  • Ordinance 19-01 Reorganizing and Renumbering Ordinances Download
  • Ordinance 19-02 Repealing and Recreating Sections related to sewer service charges Download
  • Municipal Court Ordinance
  • Intoxicating Beverage/Liquor Ordinance 11.15(5)2018 Download
  • Revised RecyclingOrdinance 2017 Download
  • Ordinance 1.16-2016 To appoint Treasurer & Clerk to BOR Download
  • ATV/UTV Ordinance 7.12-2015 Allowing Use of All-Terrain-Vehicles On Designated and Properly Posted Town Roads Download
  • Town of Sullivan Sex offender ordinance- 4-8-15 Download