Forms & Permits

For questions about Building Permits, Electrical Permits, Conditional Use Permits, etc. you can go to: to see what permits are required for your project. You can also call the Building Inspector, Tom Marks at 262-490-0513 or John Moosreiner at 262-490-0277

Any other questions, please email the clerk at:
  • 2024 Dog License Information
    If you have any questions about Dog Licenses, you can contact the Treasurer, Stacy Riedl at 920-342-8706 or email at: 
  • Community Center Rental Requirements Download
  • Absentee Ballot Request Download
  • Town of Sullivan Job Application Download
  • Driveway Culvert Permit
    Municipal Code 8.07 CULVERTS
    (1) All culverts for driveways entering onto roads or subdivision streets under the jurisdication of the Town shall be approved by the Town Board.
    (2)  Driveway culverts shall be not less than 15" in diameter and a minimum of 24' in length and shall have aprons attached on each end.  Driveway culverts and driveways shall be installed before the basement of the home is dug.
  • Building Permit Fees
    For questions about building permits please contact Wisconsin Inspection Agency, LLC - Thomas Marks at 262-490-0513
    Click HERE for more information.                                                            Click HERE for Permit Fees.
  • Voter Registration Form
  • Building or Electrical Permits
    For Building or Electrical Permits, please contact Building Inspector, Greg Noll at 920-675-9062