• 2021 Road Construction


    The Village of Sullivan is running a pipe from their treatment plant to our treatment plant (on Hwy F).  By law, unless we are going to pay for and have flag people stationed along the route during the entire day, we have to have "Road Closed" signs at all major intersections/County Highways.  Initially, there was supposed to be a "Road Open To Local Businesses" sign along with the Road Closed signs.  Unfortunately, these signs have been damaged, taken down, or stolen.  We ask that everyone going through Rome simply keep an eye out for workers, SLOW DOWN, and PLEASE do not tamper with, or move any Road Closed signs.

    The work going through Rome will be finishing up one part within the next week (approximately 3/20).  They will then move further down F across from the Hardball Park.  Then in April, crews will be coming back to do some more work in Rome. During this time, ALL of the local businesses in Rome ARE open to the public.  Again-just be mindful of workers, and SLOW DOWN.   

    If you have any questions or problems pertaining to signs, traffic, or the project in general, please feel free to contact the engineering firm that is working with the Village and the Town of Sullivan Sanitary District on this project.  They are:  Town & Country Engineering and their phone number is:  608-273-3350.