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  • COVID-19 and Toilet Paper Alternatives


    Because there has been a rush from everyone buying up all the Toilet Paper due to the COVID-19 (Cornonavirus) pandemic, many Municipalities have residents that are purchasing "Toilet Paper Alternatives".  These CANNOT be flushed down the toilet.  It will most certainly clog your toilet, and the pipes, and the wastewater collection and treatment systems cannot handle the burden.  If you have questions as to what is ok to flush down the toilet, please visit the Town of Sullivan Sanitary District #1 Facebook page.  Or email our Plant Operators at: … View Notice
  • Looking for Election workers/tabulators


    We are looking for people to help tabulate vote for the November Presidential Election. This position would start when the election closes at 8:00pm and go until all the ballots are counted and verified with the election machine.  If you are interested, please contact the Clerk at 262-593-8383 View Notice